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    • Video Game Review: American McGee’s Alice
      After the recent release of “Alice: Madness Returns,” I  picked up a copy. With each copy, console gamers also got a free download of  the original “American McGee’s Alice.” Before playing the new Alice, I had to  go back and beat the original again. While many things were just as I had  remembered, I’m glad […]
    • Video Game Rant: Donkey Kong Country Returns
      One of my favorite games of all time is Donkey Kong Country 1 and 2. When I heard they were making a new one, I was super excited, but also somewhat skeptical. So a few months ago, I picked up a copy of Donkey Kong Country Returns to try out the new game. My fiancee also joined […]
    • Scott Pilgrim Versus the World: Movie Review
       (Warning: some spoilers) When they decided to turn this Canadian comic into a movie, I’m not sure they were aware of what a cult smash hit this would be. Topping the charts for Blu-rays on the first day it was released on home video, it’s also been on several top ten lists. It appeals to […]
    • Good Kitty: WoW Feral Cat DPS Rotation
      ***Note: this information is from before Cataclysm. There have been major changes to the class. See my sources below for more updated information.*** When I rolled Druid on the first character I legitimately got to level 80, I didn’t know what I was getting into. I leveled Feral Cat, and when I hit 80, I realized […]
    • Finding a Job
      This is a digression from my usual topics, but I wanted to share some of my strategies with other unemployed or soon to be unemployed people out there. My job search has been the focus of my free time lately, so I figured it would be the perfect topic for my next post. 1)      Assess […]
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Retail is just a dirty name for Public Relations

I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been busy dealing with my job, which is… unexpected in many ways. Retail is something I’ve now become initiated into. But with every job, no matter what it is, there is always something you can gain from it.

I’ve learned that I can’t stand standing up all day. I like multitasking, and being able to focus on multiple things at a time. I can deal with children if I put in effort, which is good if I ever want to teach. I’ve been thinking about teaching English in a Japanese conversation school (eikawa), and I might be able to handle it. I never thought I would be able to do that.

The things that brighten my day are animals, talking to people with common interests, and the feeling I’m doing something productive or useful. When a customer comes in with a dog on a leash, I can’t tear my eyes away from their cute little puppy, and I’m not even that much of a dog person. I like my co-workers; they make it easier to work with all kinds of tourists while we talk about video games or alternative energy. And just having a job is better than being unemployed, because you have something to fill your hours and maybe stick on a resume at the very least.

I’m not sure if I could do public relations work in the future, but certain things about retail seem similar. You have to sell yourself, and present a different person to everyone, yet still maintain the same core being, with a certain set of values, work ethic, and attitudes. People are customers one minute and individuals the next, depending on what angle you’re aiming for. You have to learn how to sell some things you might not really believe in, but find some way to be okay with that. And sometimes you’ll get backed into a corner by something you’ve said or something they want and there’s nothing you can do about it.

I supposed I’ve leveled up my Personality and Speechcraft, plus my Strength and Intelligence a bit. Random things change you in life, and I need those interpersonal communication skills in any job. My next project is working on those writing skills. (Would writing be the equivalent of Alteration? Conjuration? Yeah, I’ve got Oblivion on the brain). Blogging is fine, it shows diversity on a resume, but choosing a specialty, like fiction, journalism, or video game scripts, may be more productive in the long run. Perhaps I can use blogging to my advantage and use this blog to brainstorm for a new writing project. Any suggestions would be appreciated.